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        CNC Milling

        Our company is one of the milling parts manufacturers and suppliers of 5 axis process parts in China, which also has a thriving factory at your service. Welcome to visit our website.

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        CNC Milling

          We utilize latest technology to produce the highest quality milled and machined parts. We operate state-of-the-art CNC machining centers with high-capacity machining cells for lights-out machining and operation. This allows for round-the-clock production without operator support. In this way, we can produce parts and components with superior precision and in greatly reduced lead times.

          Request a quote on the CNC milled parts you need, or Contact GT for more information.

          3- and 4-axis precision CNC milling

          5-axis working cubes up to 36”

          Large precision CNC milling working cubes up to 20’ x 6'

          Rapid lead times & Prototype & production quantities

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