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        Mechanical Assembly

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        Mechanical Assembly

        Mechanical Assembly
        GT Ltd. is equipped with the knowledge, people and equipment to complete parts assembly work ranging from simple insert installation to complete complex assemblies with multi-level BOMs and hundreds of parts. Our custom made assembly configurations use lean concepts to the extreme including one-piece flow, visual inventory, point of use tools, two bin systems, quick changeover, mistake-proofing techniques and visual work instructions.

        Mechanical Assembly GT experienced buyers, project managers, quality personnel and assemblers we can coordinate a full supply chain efficiently and with less cost than most contract manufacturers. Because the assembled components are usually mating with CNC precision machined parts that we manufacture, we have better control of part fit and assembly function. We can easily use our extensive CNC precision manufacturing resources to correct design errors and keep the product flowing smoothly rather than waiting for an outside manufacturer to replace the faulty product.


        GT Ltd offers final product assembly. Our parts assembly operations are situated in a dust-free temperature controlled environment, isolated from the manufacturing floor. We carry approvals for:

        Pneumatic rivetingMechanical Assembly

        Bewaring swaging

        Shrink fit wet installation of standard bushings

        Installation of interference fit bushings

        Sealant application

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